Saturday, June 11, 2011

Here are some frequently asked questions about RSVPs.

1. How should I word the RSVP on my invitation or reply card?
"Please RSVP by May 9, 2011"
"Response requested by May 9, 2011"

2. How much time should I give guests to RSVP?
Most catering and event halls ask for a minimum of 2 weeks notice for the final head count. At RSVP services, we require 3 weeks, to allow us enough time to contact guests who haven't responded. (
3. How do I address invitations to families, couples and singles?

Families: Address the outer envelope to the parents (Mr. & Mrs. David Smith) and the inner envelope to all, so that it reads:
"David and Susan Smith
Sean, Ryan and Sarah"
Married couples: "Mr. & Mrs. David Smith"
A married couple in which the woman has kept her name/ non-married couples: "Ms. Susan Jones & Mr. David Smith"
Singles: "Mr. David Smith & Guest"
A widow: "Mrs. David Smith"
A divorced woman: "Ms. Susan Smith" (or maiden name if she's reclaimed it)
Doctors: "Dr. & Mrs. Smith" (if he's a doc)
                "Dr. & Mr. Smith" (if she's the doc)
                "The Doctors Smith" or "Drs. David & Susan Smith" (if both are docs)

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