Friday, May 2, 2014

Thirty Percent of your Wedding Guests will not RSVP

If you have planned a wedding in the past, you already know that getting an RSVP from all guests is a tricky and timely part of the planning process.  As stated on, you can expect 30% of your guests not to RSVP.

"...if you have 100 guests, you can bet that about 9 of them will lose the RSVP card, 7 will be unsure if they can come at all, 4 will think they already sent the card, 6 will have told your mom/partner/father-in-law that they’re coming and assume that counts as an RSVP, and 3 of them will have lost the invitation altogether." ~APW (

You can spend your time tracking down the RSVPs, or you can hire RSVP Services to do it for you.  With RSVP Services, you will find that a larger number of guests RSVP since we provide easy phone options to do so - but best of all, we call anyone who doesn't.  View our website to learn more (